craneLonghorn Recycling, L.P. established in 1993 is a family owned and operated scrap metal company.  With a specialization in Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals, we now accommodate electronic recycling, otherwise referred to as e-Recycling.  At LHR we collect, process, recycle, and ship both ferrous and non ferrous metals.  The metal generally comes from obsolete machinery and equipment from home appliances to demolition metal from obsolete structures.  Upon arrival, metals are weighed on our Texas Department of Agriculture certified scales and then processed by various methods such as shearing, torching, shredding, and bailing.  As a result, recycled metals become shipment ready for prospective buyers, steel mills, and factories for melting in preparation for production of new materials.

Here at Longhorn we take pride in offering a clean and safe facility for customers to return to time and again for their recycling needs. It is a primary goal of ours to not only provide exceptional service, but also contribute to preserving our environment for generations to come.  Since the early 90’s, owner and founder Johnny Triesch has focused on the impact metal recycling has on the future of our economy.  Johnny and his team at LHR continually monitor market conditions to establish fair and competitive pricing.  As LHR grows, we continue to invest in a highly trained staff, who strives to make your recycling experience the best in our community.

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