LrEcycling_Logo_Reversed-30Welcome to Longhorn Recycling’s Electronic & Computer Recycling Division.

We believe the key to honest, respectful recycling practices begins with transparency. At Longhorn Recycling we implement business philosophies that drive customer loyalty time after time. We maintain certified scales monitored by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Owner and Founder Johnny Triesch began recycling computers & electronics in 2012. Having spent over 40 years in the Ferrous and Non Ferrous metal recycling, Johnny ventured to bring another level of convenience to his customers by implementing the electronics recycling program at Longhorn Recycling. Johnny utilizes his wealth of knowledge and success from Longhorn Recycling to translate to electronics recycling by emphasizing customer satisfaction, data destruction and environmental control.

The Electronics & Computer Recycling Division of Longhorn Recycling recycles and destroys obsolete/unwanted computers and electronics.  Protecting personal/business data is a priority at LHR to safeguard your hard drive data against theft or improper disposal.  Keeping hazardous waste out of our landfills in addition to customer and environmental safety are a top priority of our day to day operations.  We take pride in preserving our earth for generations to come.  It begins by responsible recyclers like Longhorn Recycle doing our due diligence to avoid the release of hazardous and harmful toxins into our atmosphere by properly disposing of electronics!


We offer:

  • Industrial and Large volume pickup available in San Antonio, please call us for a quote
  • Professional and Reliable Service
  • Data Destruction upon request
  • Certificate of Destruction upon request
  • Materials Summary
  • Final revenue determined upon sort and settle of materials