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Johnny Triesch, Owner

Johnny Triesch has been a prominent figure in the scrap metal recycling industry for 40 years. Born in San Antonio, he worked odd jobs until the age of 20, when he began his career in scrap metal. While attending the University of Texas at Austin he began working for Newell Recycling. Johnny graduated from UT with a BBA in Marketing. After graduating he continued to work for Newell Recycling. He became president of Newell Recycling in 1980 and remained there until 1993. In the summer of 1993, Johnny opened Longhorn Recycling, L.P. in San Antonio, Texas.

"I enjoy the people in the industry and the daily interactions I have with my customers.  I can not think of any other place I would rather be.  I feel very fortunate to have stumbled into a career I love."

Johnny Triesch, OwnerALpile

Phone: (210) 661-2341

Email: recycle@longhornrecycling.com

Jennifer Jackson, Vice President

Phone: (210) 661-2341

Email: jj@longhornrecycling.com