We are now recycling electronic and computer scrap! For a quote, please call or email us at recycle@longhornrecycling.commailto:escrap@longhornrecycling.comshapeimage_1_link_0

Longhorn Recycling is a full-service recycling center.  Our company strives to provide an environmentally safe avenue for the recycling and handling of metals and cardboard.  We greatly value our customers and seek to make their visit as enjoyable as possible by ensuring them a fair price.  We make every effort to provide a reliable and professional atmosphere for customers to dispose of their recyclable metals with ease and efficiency.  We also offer container service to customers who require pickup of large quantities of material.  At Longhorn Recycling we guarantee superlative customer service while utilizing technology to help protect the environment.

Longhorn Recycling
        PHYSICAL ADDRESS:                                                    HOURS:
        5785 E. HOUSTON ST.                              MONDAY--FRIDAY 8AM TO 5PM                 
      SAN ANTONIO, TX 78220                              SATURDAY 8AM TO 12PM

        PHYSICAL ADDRESS:                                                    HOURS:

        5785 E. HOUSTON ST.                              MONDAY--FRIDAY 8AM TO 5PM                

      SAN ANTONIO, TX 78220                              SATURDAY 8AM TO 12PM